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CarDATA designs effective vehicle reimbursement solutions for North American companies, and offers “best in class” corporate reimbursement services tailored for your business needs.

Nation-wide, companies are wasting money and resources, as high as an astonishing 30% of total annual spend, by having the wrong vehicle program in place. Company cars driven on personal time, administration time, fluctuating gas prices, static IRS mileage rates and limited auto allowances can all be the culprit for inefficient programs. Employee mileage reimbursement programs designed by CarDATA deliver fair & accurate reimbursements, as well as providing a direct cost savings of up to 20% for many companies. Help us help you to determine the right plan for your organization.

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Fuel Prices - Weekly Averages

CarDATA tracks fuel prices across North America on a daily basis. The fuel chart below shows weekly gas prices for the past two years in four regions, namely the Pacific, Northeast, South, and Midwest. Drivers' reimbursements are refreshed on a monthly basis to incorporate the change in gas prices in their locations and sales territories. Interested in a cost savings analysis?

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